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Edina Menje
Graphics and photos on this site:

Along with designing and coding the pages, Edina Menje created original graphics; most notably the top banners/logos, and did image manipulation/editing on some of the photos while maintaining the color pallette and background of the original site done by Larry Rickert.

faviconHere is a larger version of the favicon that displays in the browser tabs, address bar and favorites menu.  I wanted to show it larger so that you could make out more details of the cypress tree taken from the center's logo which loses some definition when reduced to the favicon's 16x16 pixels.

The arrows for navagating the ceramics class slideshow were obtained at, a site of free clipart which can be integrated into as a plug-in for managing clipart in that office suite from the clker site. They were resized and stretched from the originals.

Photos on the site were taken by Larry Rickert, Jim Cianelli and Ed Menje.
With additional photos from our members.
Javascripts and Special Code used on this site:

The drop-down menu used on the site was based on CSS and HTML developed by Stu Nicholls. I needed code that would work for older browsers and Stu had a solution posted on his website here.

Slideshow javascript used on the Seniors Conference page created by "Website Abstraction"  available at or

The window popup script used on the Seniors Conference and Ceramics pages is JK Popup Window Script available at

From Lokesh Dhakar comes the "Lightbox 2" script used to present the slideshows on the Performances and Luncheon pages. I did some work to adapt it to conform to the site's style and pallette. The script is available at

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